30,000 lbs x 48" x .125" CHS & Dallas Industries Coil Feed Line, Uncoiler, Coil Car, Thread Table, Straightener Servo Feeder

DRFS-548 & 06955

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Preliminary Specifications

CHS Automation & Dallas Industries Coil Feed Line

Dallas Industries Uncoil Reel & Coil Car
Model: COC 06955
S/N: 13498
30,0000 lbs Coil Weight Capacity
60" Width Capacity
72" O.D. Coil Capacity

Thread Table

CHS Automation Straightener Servo Feeder
Model: DRFS-548
S/N: 07 5584
Year 2007
48" Width Capacity
.125" Max. Thickness (Full Width thru Straightener)
.250" Max. Thickness (12" Width)
5" Dia. x 49-5/8" Feed Roll
PTS-350 Pull Through Straightener
7 Roll
Power Pinch
Indramat Control

Came out of Running Service, Cleaned, Painted, Available Immediately!

Specifications Subject To Verification; Subject To Prior Sale & Price Change
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