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Safe And Sound

This program is tailored for financial institutions.  PFI will appraise your equipment determining your assets’ worth, handle all aspects of inspection, removal, and remarketing of the machines.  This includes channeled marketing strategies, qualifying potential customers, powered demonstrations, handle and cleaning, and any other concerns of the lender.

No longer will financial institutions have to be held hostage by poor performing loans or the burden of payment schedules.  PFI will gain back the lost value and make sure your machines are “Safe and Sound”.

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225 Ton, WYSONG 225-12, 12' BED, 12" DIE SPACE, 3" STR, 5"ADJ, 30 SPM

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150 TON USI STRAIGHT SIDE PRESS, MODEL S2-150-48-42, 3" STR, 23-1/2" SH, 8" ADJ, 48" X 42" BA, 50-150 SPM VARI

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